Shipping policy

This is a section where we will tell you a little more about delivery options and terms.
As plants are living organisms that are constantly changing in size and weight, their transport is not quite as simplified and standardized as it is, for example, in electrical goods, clothing, building materials, etc. For this reason, we try to consider each delivery case individually.
In the standard case, the delivery price is calculated - 1 euro per 1 kilometer (minimum 10 euro). In cases where the order goes outside Latvia, please contact us personally, because we will look for delivery solutions outside the standard calculation frames.
In cases where the order is not too large (in terms of physical size), but the delivery address is far from us, to reduce delivery costs, it is possible to use Omniva shipments (5.50 euros by parcel or 20 euros by courier). So, if you know that the plants you ordered are not large in size, their quantity is small(total package size including pots is not larger than 60x35x35cm), but the delivery price turns out to be very high, because you are quite far from us, then contact us by phone (27353636) or e-mail( and we will try to find you the best solution.