Shipping policy

As plants are living organisms that are constantly changing in size and weight, their transport is not quite as simplified and standardized as it is, for example, in electrical goods, clothing, building materials, etc. For this reason, we try to consider each delivery case individually.

Our delivery... Regardless of the quantity and size of plants, delivery is calculated by distance (km). 
❖ If You choose [Ship] under [Delivery] = delivery price is calculated automatically.
Delivery price: € 1.00/km (minimum = € 10.00).

Omniva... Depending on plant quantity and size (considered individually)
❖ If plants can be packed in L parcel/package (60x35x35cm)...
Shipping cost (to Omniva parcel machine):
€ 5.50 (Latvia) / € 9.50 (Estonia/Lithuania)

❖ If plants are bigger and can be packed in XL parcel/package = Omniva Courier to Your address.
Shipping cost (Omniva Courier, XL parcel):
from € 15.00 (Latvia) / from 20.00 (Estonia/Lithuania)

CONTACT US to find out if Your order can be shipped with Omniva:
- e-mail (
- phone (+371) 27353636
- or make Your order following instructions below:

  1. In the [Shopping Cart] section, in the field [Special Instructions for Seller] indicate: OMNIVA Courier or OMNIVA parcel machine - to which you want to receive the shipment.
  2. In the section [Check Out] under [Delivery] select: Pick up
  3. In the section [Payment] choose: Payment with bank transfer
    (do NOT make the payment with credit card)
  4. After You have filled out Your contact details and then have Completed the order... we will evaluate the packaging options and send an invoice to the e-mail address you provided.

Omniva parcels will be sent out to Omniva: Monday - Wednesday.