Cornus alba 'Kesselringii'
Tartarian Dogwood, Purple-Barked Dogwood

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Height: 2.5 m
Width: 2 m
Habit: rounded shrub
Foliage: rich green, dark deep purple in Autumn
Flowers: creamy white, VI-VII
Fruits: white drupes, VIII-IX

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Can be pruned and used in hedges.


Sunny to slightly shaded location, medium to moist, poor to medium rich, slightly acid soil. Can be planted near waters and places where the upper level of the ground water is near the soil surface.


Prune hard back in Springs to encourage strong new growth. IV - first pruning - cut back hard about 30-50 cm above ground level, repeat till VII. It can be tamed with pruning, limiting the height around 1-1,5 m. If you are growing it for the flowers and fruit then you should keep pruning to a minimum.