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Dāvanu kartes

Dāvanu kartes ir iespējams iegādāties pie mums kokaudzētavā ("Sabīņi", Ādažu novads).
Pieejamie nomināli: €10, €15, €20, €30, €50, €100, €200.

Dāvanu kartes ir iespējams iegādāties arī internetā: mūsu mājaslapā www.baltezers.lv.
Pieejamie nomināli: pēc izvēles (minimālā vērtība: €10)

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Jautājumu vai neskaidrību gadījumā zvanīt (+371) 29353636.

About us

The work of ”Kokaudzētava Baltezers” is to propagate, grow and sell plants.

In the commerce area of the Greenery (which covers 8000 square meters) we offer one of the largest choices of plants in Latvia. At the moment you can choose from more than 600 plant names. Each year the assortment is increased by testing, selecting and propagating new kinds of plants.

The suitability of the ornamental plants to the climate of Latvia has always been the priority of our greenery. In order to help planting greeneries all year through – from early spring till late autumn – the plants at ”Kokaudzētava Baltezers” are available in plastic containers. You will be kindly helped by literate specialist in how to grow plants.

The primary goal of the greenery is to propagate high quality plants, namely, with a compact rootstock and corolla that meets the standards which allows the plant to layer in the newly prepared place.

In the process of the work on our Greenery we introduce the latest technologies and work methods in order to decrease the costs of the plants.